Buying a cheap car

There are basically two types of cheap cars – middle class, but used or new, but small cars. If you don’t want to risk and small car fits you, get the new one. There is chance you get cheapest car insurance and also the accident insurance should be quite cheap. In other case, there is huge market with used cars. Unlike new one, it’s more about searching and good luck.

Used cars portals

You can find find countless websites with the used cars. Best practise, is to find search engine, who aggregate results from multiple webs. One of them is AutoTempest (it aggregates results from:,, eBay Motors, Cars Direct,, Oodle and even craigslist).

Best practises before you buy used car:


New cars, even the smallest offers better protection in case of accident. Injuries are not as significant as in older cars. Because there is good progress in passive safety, everything is tight and shiny. Older cars could be rusty and the systems could be broken or malfunctioning. That’s why it is better to take a mechanic with you, if you buy old vehicle. Financing is also different – you can get lease a new car, used one can come from a common person, who wants the money at once. In both cases is best to visit your finance consultant and get the idea how to pay for it. You probably don’t want to visit him later for debt help. 

We wish you many happy miles!

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